Freenet.Cafe Terms of Service Page

User guide to know what to avoid

Terms of Service

Freenet.Cafe has the right to stop the free offered services if caught violating these main rules listed below

No Carding No DDoS
No Fraud No Hacking
No Torrent No Spamming
No Illegal Activities Not For Sale

All accounts that has been made in this site is owned by Freenet.Cafe. We have all the rights to delete/banned a user/users if any our rules above has been violated.

  • If you are a Config Maker, Respect Our Rules
  • If you are a Paid VPN owner, you are not allowed to use our servers on your App.
  • If you are just a user, follow our rules.

Any deletion or account wipeout that we made, you have no say about it. It's Our Servers and NOT YOURS!

© Freenet Cafe, All Right Reserved.
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